The ministry & mission of BSUC is organized by way of a Governance Board – Ministry Team model.  The Governance Board oversees the governance and stewardship of the church, while the teams tend to ministry in the following areas:  Administration, Faith Formation, Communications; Community Connections, Finance, Hospitality, Pastoral Care, Property, Personnel and Worship & Music.  In our discipleship, we work together toward spiritual growth and maturity in faith.

Our Mission 

 … is to live the Good News of Jesus Christ, reaching out beyond ourselves, to share the transforming power of faith by offering spiritual nurture within the congregation, and providing community-rooted ministries that serve the local area and outreach that responds to the needs of the wider world.

Our Values

We value the power of Christ’s transforming and redeeming love, which calls us:

 Worship                        to be creative, courageous and joyful in praise

 Hospitality                     to be welcoming, inclusive and respectful

 Discipleship                    to work together toward spiritual growth and maturity in faith

 Sacred Accompaniment   to walk compassionately with others along life’s journey, in the presence of Christ      

 Community                    to live out Christ’s mission in response to the world

Our Vision

By God’s grace, our faith community strives to be vibrant, inclusive and spiritually nurturing, inviting everyone into a mature, loving and sacred relationship with the living Christ.


For a glimpse into the life of Bridge St. United Church, read our 2021 Annual Report, below:

2021 Annual Report – Part A

2021 Annual Report – Part B