Bridge Street United Church Foundation was incorporated on April 27, 1973 as a charitable organization to administer, on behalf of the Bridge Street United Church congregation, funds from the estate of the late Charlotte E. Sills, and other funds that are received from time to time. The Foundation is composed of all members of the Bridge Street United Church congregation and is administered by a Board of Directors, which the members of the Foundation elect.

The Bridge Street United Church Foundation Act, passed in the Ontario Legislature in 1973, clearly defines the principal powers and purpose of the Foundation:

“The Foundation has the power, for charitable purposes, to engage in religious, educational and charitable activities of all kinds and, without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing:

a) to support the purposes, aims and objectives of said Bridge Street United Church ….

b) to support the purposes, aims and objectives of The United Church of Canada…”

It is a matter of great pride and satisfaction that the Foundation is able to report on its 46th anniversary that the cumulative totals of all grants made by the Foundation from 1973 through to the end of 2018 are as follows: 

                                                                   2018 Grants                  Cumulative Totals

Bridge Street Church (for operations)             $100,000                          $  239,063

Bridge Street Church (for capital projects)             —                              $2,055,142

Local Community Outreach                                   —                              $1,780,277

National/International Outreach                            —                              $1,737,985  

Cumulative Totals                                        $100,000                         $5,812,467


In order to respond to the needs of the Church locally, a moratorium has been placed upon grants to outside agencies. 

This moratorium will remain in place until further notice.